Below are our collaborators that play an active role in transforming each city’s cultural landscape. We are always looking to build active partnership. To collaborate, contact us here

Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) is a public transportation system serving the San Francisco Bay Area. The rapid transit elevated and subway system connects San Francisco with cities in the East Bay and suburbs in northern San Mateo County.

Herman Miller is a 100-year-old-plus company that places great importance on design, the environment, community service, and the health and well-being of our customers and our employees. Innovative ways to improve the performance of our customers’ organizations have become our hallmark.

Namma Metro (literally “Our Metro”), also known as Bangalore Metro, is a metro system serving the city of Bangalore in Karnataka, India. Namma Metro is India’s second largest metro system in terms of both length and number of stations, after the Delhi Metro. On the other hand, Namma Metro ranked worlds’s 99th largest metro system in terms of length and 92nd largest metro network in terms of number of operating stations. It also contains the first underground metro line in South India. 

San Francisco – Bangalore Sister City Initiative was established in 2009 to engage Individuals and Institutions in Bangalore and San Francisco in creating sustainable 21st century cities through an exchange of environmental, economic, cultural and research ideas, expertise and resource. The primary mission is citizen diplomacy that seeks to build people to people understanding and relationships between Bangalore and San Francisco.

The 3M Commercial Solutions division delivers comprehensive solutions to create memorable experiences at retail, commercial & public spaces. From Signage Materials & Architectural Films to Matting & Cleaning Tools, 3M partners with businesses across to globe by integrating innovative products and ingenious applications. 3M Graphics & Architectural Materials have been used in the process of creating art installations at Bengaluru Metro Stations.

The Asian Art Museum is one of San Francisco’s premier arts institutions and home to a world-renowned collection of more than 18,000 Asian art treasures spanning 6,000 years of history. Through rich art experiences, centered on historic and contemporary artworks, the museum unlocks the past for visitors, bringing it to life while serving as a catalyst for new art, new creativity and new thinking.

The Consulate General of the United States of America Chennai represents the interests of the United States government in Chennai (formerly known as Madras), India and surrounding regions. The consulate reports to the ambassador at the U.S. Embassy in New Delhi.

The Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum, Bangalore, India. a constituent unit of National Council of Science Museums, Ministry of Culture, Government of India, was established in memory of Bharat Ratna Sir M Visvesvaraya.


The Tenderloin Museum celebrates the rich history of a neighborhood in the heart of San Francisco. The 31 blocks of the Tenderloin District are the last bastion of a San Francisco that once was, peopled by immigrants and iconoclasts, artists and activists, sinners and saints. Visit the Tenderloin Museum today and discover the city they don’t show you in postcards.

The Social Practice Workshop, led by CCA faculty Ranu Mukherjee, brings together students from CCAs new MA in Social Practice and Public Forms and CCA MFA Fine Arts students, to introduce and refine the practical knowledge of, and competency within, the field of contemporary public and social art.This studio/practicum course is designed to engage the cultural, intellectual, and technical breadth necessary for social practice work, the workshop takes a field-based approach centered on a series of thematic frameworks (e.g., the  

San José State University (commonly referred to as San Jose State or SJSU) is a comprehensive public university located in San Jose, California, United States. It is the founding school of the 23 campus California State University (CSU) system, and holds the distinction of being the oldest public institution of higher education on the West Coast of the United States.


Bangalore Storyteller Society – A tale is a journey of memories and a storyteller is your guide. The storytellers of Bangalore Storytelling Society (BSS) take you on a magical tour with tales that will enfold us into this vibrant, exploding city. These tellers weave facts, folktales, myths and personal stories to showcase the diversity of the city’s past, present and future. Come listen, experience, engage and celebrate the heritage of Bengaluru through intimate oral storytelling circles at the Festival of Stories.

Kaimera productions creates original performances and live experiences that blend theater, music, dance, multimedia, visual arts and more. Along with presenting work in traditional performance spaces, we often choose more unconventional settings, such as abandoned locations, historical monuments, public spaces, etc. 

Stories for Travelers (#storiesfortravelers) began as a collection of micro narratives created for the Instagram stream through a collaborative global project created by students from the California College of the Arts and Oakland International High School. It was a way for them to share their observations and experiences as they journeyed around the greater Bay Area to from home to school and back through journals they carried with them. Through this reflective process they wrote, drew and analyzed their greater relationships to the urban landscape. This process triggered memories of their homelands, brought awareness to curiosities and connected them to a common experience. Stories is a collection and living, dynamic archive that is open to any storyteller to contribute stories on Instagram with image and text using the hashtag of our project. The goal of this project is to grow this archive of narratives for travelers to access while in transit, and is broadly open to any contributor and reader wherever they may be in the world. 

Migratory Cultures: Mapping The Distance From Me to You is a site-specific video projection mapping and documentary video project. Artists Robin Lasser and G.Craig Hobbs team with Bay Area and Bangalore partners to connect regional experiences of immigration with stories from around the world. The temporary installation features outdoor video mapped projections onto Civic Center Bart/UN Plaza exit walls in downtown San Francisco, California. Imagery includes portraits of 15 immigration stories as told by Bay Area residents representing 15 unique countries, including stories from San Jose, Oakland, San Francisco, Watsonville, Berkeley, and Marin County. Countries of origin: India, Mongolia, Russia, Mexico, Bosnia, Pakistan, Japan, Vietnam, Germany, Ethiopia, Mexico, Latin America, Yemen, Iran, and France. The stories are generative. Future immigration stories will be collected from locals living in and around Bangalore, India.

Temporal Cities is a public art project and oral history archive of the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco. Working collaboratively since 2014 as, Radka Pulliam and Lizzy Brooks have collected and archived over 200 personal stories and memories of the Tenderloin residents. Through their interactive station, they have created a physical venue for neighbors to hear one another and to be heard. Participants have used a vintage typewriter, clipboard or a rotary phone to share their stories, and reflect on changes taking place in the neighborhood.

Fields of View: Issues faced by cities are often referred to as ‘wicked problems’. Such problems require a diverse set of actors to come together and collaborate. We need government, academia, industry, and civil society to question, debate, discuss, and ideate together. In short, we need a dialogue in diversity. Our goal at Fields of View is to design spaces to enable such dialogues using games and simulations – tools based on research at the intersection of social sciences, art, and technology.

Native Place is a Bengaluru based information and experience design collaborative that works to connect people to place more meaningfully through stories. We do this through information; story maps, travel guides and experiences; short term interactions that include story walks and culture tours to help understand the city’s historical and cultural legacies.

St+art Festival is a collaborative platform for street artists from India and around the world. It works on the idea of ‘Art for Everyone’ with the primary objective of making art accessible for wider audiences while having a positive impact on society. The two month long urban arts festival will change the visual landscape of the city with art interventions in public spaces through murals, installations, performances, workshops, talks and screenings.

designEARTH consist of a dynamic team of ecological builders lead by Jackson Porretta, a design Faculty at Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology. Whose professional experience ranges from Ecological Design & Natural Building to Permaculture Land Practices. As a collective, we have operated for the past 4+ years largely based in Bangalore, Karnataka but have successfully executed projects on the Andaman Islands to the foothills of the Western Ghats. Our Core Competencies include: Earthen Construction techniques, Ecological Design Services, Treehouse Construction, Bamboo Craft & Construction, and Traditional Timber Framing. Our group believes in a versatile and responsive design process, an Architecture of Place and Process. In a sense, our journey of the built environment is an ongoing dialogue between the locality, inhabitants, designers, and creators. A guiding principle throughout all of our work is an authentic intimacy between the designers and craft builders, there is a wholistic commitment throughout any project and contemporary sensibility. For designEARTH when simplicity in details & contemporary aesthetics combine then one can achieve an Evocative & Relevant Architecture. ‍

Space Lab Collective is made up of artists from Bangalore, India and the San Francisco Bay Area. The goal of our work is to weave our international communities, bringing new ideas and process from these experiences back into each of our home cities to feed new forms of thinking and community practice. As a collective, we inspire to build a global commons among our group members through a collaborative experiences that engage our shared arts and cultural practices and investigate various methods of international cross communication to share stories and experiences of life. 3rd Space Lab Collective artists in India are Lalitha Shankar and Shamala Nandesh. In the US – Trena Noval, Shalini Agrawal and Robin Lasser.

Gamelan Sekar Jaya is a sixty-member ensemble of musicians and dancers based in the San Francisco Bay Area that specializes in the performing arts of Bali, Indonesia. Formed in 1979, GSJ is now recognized internationally as “the finest Balinese gamelan ensemble outside of Indonesia.” (Indonesia’s Tempo Magazine) The company is renowned for its exploration of traditional and modern forms through long-term residencies with Bali’s finest musicians and dancers, and has performed in various settings and venues from the bustling village squares in Bali to the famed Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.

FlippAR enables people to lock and unlock their memories to physical objects, using Augmented Reality

VR Collective is a honey-bee network for virtual reality. It is based out of Bombay. It was started by U.K Dasari and Ishita Gandhi to bring virtual reality to masses. It is a platform to meet, interact and share knowledge about VR. It organises meet ups, talks, workshops, hackathons and VR film showcases. It provides consultancy for virtual reality project and conceptualises distribution campaigns for VR content since a right distribution strategy is a key to bring VR to the masses.