Synergy - Kinetic Installation

Synergy’s aim is to stimulate a feeling that mimics personal experiences and broad phenomenas that make nature the ultimate spectacle. Simply stated, Synergy will use technology and industrial materials to give wind a voice and show its ever-present power and potential. After extensive research and analysis of existing kinetic installations and wind turbines, there are three key aspects that have emerged as relevant to this site and sculptural form: fluidity, modularity, and function. 

The self-sustaining installation will capture the wind to inspire movement and flow in harmony. Its movements aim to mimic those of leaves, as it slowly moves in syn with the wind. This installation takes this natural source of energy and uses it to create another mechanical form of movement, thus creating a play between nature and technology. It not only aims to attract people and create a moment of pause, yet challenges the contrast between nature, man, and machine. 

We as a race have moved into times of technology and that intrigues the younger generations more than nature, as nature has always been around.

This project is a collaboration between Art in Transit and  designEarth funded by Herman Miller Cares