Data Print 2.0

Team Kaimera Productions is currently in the process of creating DATAPRINT 2.0, an immersive and interactive installation that invites audiences to examine the impact of their online fingerprint, as well as question the ethics of data privacy. The initial round of the project was developed at a residency at Srishti in 2016. The project team has just wrapped up a residency at Princeton University in May 2018 which was used to clarify ideas that emerged from the research, create the structure and story of the interactive installation  and make a plan of execution and build out of the installation. The team will next gather for a 5-week residency at the Montalvo Arts Center in Silicon Valley in July 2018, in order to build out and test the prototype of the installation, prior to presenting it simultaneously at the BART Civic Center Station in San Francisco, California and in the Cubbon Park Metro Station in Bangalore, India this September. The project will then be ready to tour to public spaces, galleries, and museums.